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Since the pandemic entered the picture, all eyes have been on the healthcare industry, especially the life sciences industry. In order to preserve and promote organism life, life scientists spend their time investigating and developing disease-treating medications and dietary supplements. This sector has attracted interest, particularly since the world’s focus has shifted to the development of vaccines and other medical therapies.

This has also raised the importance of this sector and its influence on the world, making it one of the most crucial branches to monitor the growth and improvement of medical advancements.

Axendia is a market leader with a singular emphasis on the life sciences industry. It offers organizations like businesses and academic institutions analytical and strategic solutions to help them develop high-quality products and services. They constantly deliver excellence and have more than 15 years of expertise in the industry.

Top Life Sciences companies make up their clientele; they are extremely delighted and loyal consumers that value Axendia’s best-in-class services and solutions. These factors place them among the best suppliers of Pharma & Life Sciences solutions in 2021.

Speaking with the company’s CEO and founder, Daniel Matlis. Find out more about Axendia, its features, and the Founder’s earlier career.

Describe Axendia and the events that led to its development.

The sole area of concentration for Axendia, a leading analyst and strategic consulting firm, is the life sciences sector, which comprises the biopharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic markets. Axendia is a source of trustworthy information and helpful advice for executives in the life sciences industry, as well as for those who offer technology and services, as well as regulators, about the intricate business, legal, and technological issues that are relevant to our industry.

Axendia was founded in 2005 to fill a market void for an analyst firm with in-depth knowledge of the life sciences industry that offers thorough, useful insights that enhance visibility, control, collaboration, and resilience across the life sciences value network to improve patient outcomes.

Axendia provides services to the entire life-science ecosystem, including start-ups and Fortune 100 companies as well as Life-Science organisations, Technology & Service providers, and Regulatory Agencies.

Give us a description of the services Axendia offers and how they differ from the competition.

Axendia provides trustworthy advice based on trustworthy sources. We focus on issues affecting the business, legal, and technological aspects of the life sciences ecosystem. We provide strategic advice so that our clients may foresee disruptions, be prepared for them, and successfully handle them. To accomplish this, we conduct primary quantitative and qualitative research, which our clients use to inform their decisions and support their strategy.

Our approach is focused. We reject the use of coercion to rank vendors or choose the best solution provider. Instead, we work together with our industry clients to understand their goals, culture, and intended usage. As a result, we can provide advice based on the unique needs of each client and encourage continued development.

When assisting Life-Science organisations with transformational initiatives, we provide useful insights based on the following guiding principles.

Showing a solid understanding of the Life-Science sector, provide a thorough recommendation that takes into account business, technical, and regulatory trends influencing the industry in general, their sector in particular, and their individual firm needs.

  • Possess the moral character to tell clients when a project should NOT be started.
  • Make recommendations based on each customer’s culture, values, needs, and anticipated system use.
  • Compare the client’s actual needs and desires to their anticipated needs and desires.
  • When asked to propose a project only because “everyone else is doing it,” challenge the status quo.
  • Change business culture to promote genuine buy-in that will result in a successful digital shift.
  • Give the precise details needed to make the best decision possible!

Describe the Axendia team for us.

Our team has first-hand experience with the everyday operations of life science companies. Because of this, Axendia employees offer a unique fusion of in-depth practical industry expertise and cutting-edge concepts. We help our clients succeed by providing long-term vision and aiding them in managing the increasingly complex regulatory environment.

Our analysts provide insight and practical advice based on their real-world experience working for industry organizations. On average, our team has 25 years of experience in the industry. We are fully aware of the technological, governmental, and commercial opportunities that Life-Science organizations must address as a result.

Furthermore, we have established solid, durable relationships with regulatory organisations, such as the US Food and Drug Administration. FDA authorities have so profited from the perceptions, advice, and analysis provided by Axendia professionals on a range of transformational projects, such as:

  • The endeavor known as “Case for Quality.”
  • Conversion of written evidence into digital evidence.
  • Software assurance for industrial operations and quality control.
  • Advanced manufacturing, digital transformation, and modernization.
  • Clinical Trials With Quality Measures Performed In-Silo.

Inform us of your professional background.

I have been employed in the bio sciences industry for more than 30 years. I began my work with Johnson and Johnson as an automation and controls engineer. I handled shopfloor automation systems, including robotics and vision systems, as well as the creation and deployment of computer-integrated manufacturing solutions for the whole business there. I had the distinction of managing a team of engineers who contributed significantly to the implementation of business systems like ERP. I was also in charge of putting CSV’s policies and procedures into action and ensuring that CSV conformed with all relevant laws.

Later, I rose to the positions of partner, vice president, and general manager at a young consulting business where I started a practise specialising in life sciences consulting. During my eight years of employment, we went from 15 to 150 consultants working on systems development, audits, implementation, process formulation, and validation, as well as regulatory consulting.

In order to provide leaders in the life sciences industry with thorough understandings of the intersection of business, technical, and regulatory challenges affecting our sector, I founded Axendia in 2005. We are the only analyst company wholly dedicated to the life sciences.

Describe a couple of your company’s greatest achievements.

Giving clients the information and tools they require to improve business outcomes across the whole Life-Science value network is crucial in our opinion at Axendia. One example is our “Straight from the Source” webinar series. We conducted extensive interviews with a wide range of industry professionals from Life-Science firms, regulatory organisations, and technology & service providers to help the sector learn from its successes.

For instance, among other companies, Amgen, FDA, Fresenius Medical Professionals Systems, Fujirebio Diagnostics, and Pfizer, we’ve had the distinction of speaking with significant businesspeople.

Every year, we offer a Life-Science industry radar that highlights important developments and market disruptors that will affect executives in the three areas we cover: business, technology, and regulatory. So they can position themselves for success, our clients are given early access to information on trends, disruptors, and opportunities.

Describe a customer’s experience with and opinion of Axendia.

Some of our proudest memories come from seeing our clients succeed. We promote the adoption of innovative approaches that enable them to utilise cutting-edge technology to enhance patient outcomes and speed up processes while ensuring adherence to all pertinent regulatory standards.

Here are a few testimonials by Axendia users.

How did you come to trust Axendia?

Ability to include ALL business departments and provide them the assurance they need to provide the necessary feedback on a constant basis while also providing insightful analysis.

Much more invested and motivated by producing high-quality deliverables and enhancing our organization than by tracking time and billing.

  • The capacity to lead from the rear when necessary and from the front when necessary—and understanding the difference.
  • Putting the needs of the people in our company ahead of the processes. a rare trait and talent that are difficult to come by today.

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