Phronetik- Pioneer In The Field Of Life Sciences

Precision medicine refers to the application of technology to a patient’s particular characteristics. The patient gets the best care possible for their illness in this way. Precision medicine, which now focuses on giving patients better care by employing medications that are tailored to their particular problems, has proven the antiquated one-drug-fits-all approach to be untrue.

In order to improve diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring as well as have a beneficial impact on scientific research with valuable discoveries, Phronetik, a rapidly growing startup, is developing precision medicine by utilizing biotechnology, bioinformatics, and artificial intelligence.

Tell us more about the company.

Phronetik is a pioneer in the quickly growing life science sector that uses biotechnology, bioinformatics, and artificial intelligence to enhance scientific research, monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment. Among our key specialties are DNA/RNA sequencing, clinical trial support, genomic mapping, data collection and analysis, predictive analytics, and statistical design.

What challenges did you first face?

Our biggest challenge, like any little firm, was raising money. A new biotechnology business needs substantial investment. We had the good fortune to focus on government funding and subcontracting opportunities, which permitted organic expansion.

What was the pivotal event that caused the business to grow?

After winning our first prime contract from the National Institutes of Health, we surely witnessed a growth boom. Since then, by carefully vetting our prospects and clients, we have endeavoured to maintain a controlled rate of development. The evolution of scientific findings is always kept in mind as we work towards our aim of conducting business responsibly.

What factors contribute to your company’s ongoing success?

Tenacity in trying situations has, by far, paid off. Government contracts may have a highly drawn-out sales cycle. We hope to have a variety of opportunities in our pipeline.

What products and services is the company putting first? What distinguishes your services from those provided by rivals?

The detailed explanation of our services, significant differentiators, and flagship product, iConcordia, may be seen below.

iConcordiaTM by Calletic The iConcordiaTM artificial intelligence engine links the ‘-omics’ traits that genetically identify us, controlled DNA sequence modifications, and integrates them with social, behavioural, environmental, and cultural variables in order to steer treatments beyond population health.

This makes it possible for doctors to tailor a patient’s treatment based on the patient’s particular traits, lifestyle preferences, and genetic make-up.

Protein sequencing, bioinformatics, data analysis, genetic testing help, DNA coding, mapping, and sequencing, processing biotechnologies, and health IT support and services are just a few of the services provided by Phronetik.

Through the use of technology-backed, evidence-based solutions, Phronetik’s products and services aim to increase the quality and safety of patient care.

The goal of Phronetik’s goods and services is to improve the standard and security of patient care through the use of technologically supported, research-based solutions. Having the appropriate information accessible at the appropriate time enables quick coordination and delivery of care, access to accurate and comprehensive information about a patient’s health, and a method of sharing information with patients, their carers, and other medical professionals. By providing IT and biotechnology support for the development of novel medicines or patient-centered outcomes, we provide creative ways to upload and utilise recent clinical data while expanding on the body of knowledge.

A number of Phronetik’s biotechnology services include collaborations with universities, CAP/CLIA accredited labs, and participation in worldwide projects and initiatives.

Genomic testing laboratory data obtained from genomic, pharmacogenomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, and other OMIC data must be used to understand health and illness. Some of our skills include:

Procedures for diagnosis that identify the sickness that is making a patient ill

Gene variants that increase a person’s risk of getting diseases are found through genetic testing that are predictive and early-symptomatic.

Carrier testing identifies individuals who have a gene mutation linked to an illness.

Research genetic testing is used to better understand how genes affect health and disease. Pharmacogenomic testing can provide information on how a person’s body processes particular medications.

Sequencing services

Phronetik provides Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) services for genetic testing, analysis, and research assistance. Both structured and unstructured data are collected, cleaned, standardised, and merged before being analysed. Some of our skills include:

  • To map and investigate genetic variants or mutations, DNA sequencing analyses using whole-genome, whole-exome, and targeted approaches are performed.
  • To determine the molecular pathways between genotype and phenotype and to study dynamic changes in gene expression, use RNA-Sequencing analysis, including transcriptomics.
  • Finding biomarkers to help in early disease identification and evaluating a patient’s response to therapy

Phronetik services not only improve our product range but also enable our company to compete and turn a profit even if a customer chooses not to purchase any products. With our services, we hope to become a trusted counsellor to the healthcare industry while relieving them of the weight of technology. Our products include:

SupportDRTM is a HIPAA-compliant way to offer low-cost IT management and support.

  • Hourly help desk
  • Maintenance of the servers and network
  • Antivirus protection remote monitoring
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Break/fix

Phronetik is one of numerous businesses utilising machine learning to comprehend sickness and suggest clinical trials.

360º HIT™

Our 360o HITTM solution serves as a fully outsourced CIO for hospitals, private practises, and clinics as they navigate the technology landscape.

  • Services from a third party CIO
  • Implementation Guidelines for HIPAA Privacy & Security
  • Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan
  • IT assessments
  • IT infrastructure in the healthcare sector
  • The acquisition of software and hardware
  • Creation of custom applications
  • Create specialised commercial and mobile applications to fulfil requirements.

On a range of platforms (iOS, Android, Windows), testing and rapid prototyping development

  • Repeatable approach to implementation
  • Adaptive approaches to staff, provider, and payer interactions

How do you decide whether to broaden the range of products and services your business offers?

Biotechnology is a field that is constantly evolving. We follow trends and make necessary adjustments to satisfy market expectations. The biotechnology industry is rapidly growing as a result of significant issues including precision medicine, regenerative medicine, and the use of genetics in diagnostics, according to a detailed analysis of recent advances in the industry. It is projected that technical advancements in this field related to artificial intelligence would accelerate growth and progress in a variety of ways. One of the many companies using machine learning to understand disease and recommend clinical trials is Phronetik. Developed nations like the US and the UK constantly monitor and fund synthetic biology research and development operations.

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