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Scribe TeleCare gives medical practitioners the ability to continue helping their patients while still finishing paperwork to improve patient care and make reimbursement easier with just one straightforward tool.

In this interview with Mark D. Boyce, President and CEO of Scribe Technology Solutions, tell us more about it.

Describe For us, scribe Technology Solutions.

The Scribe Technology Solutions cloud-enabled platform provides tools for the gathering, creation, sharing, monetization, and analysis of medical data. Our depth of knowledge allows us to tailor our products and services to the unique challenges each practise faces, resulting in higher productivity and revenue while letting practises focus on the patients who matter most. The platform gives flexibility, control, and productivity back to healthcare professionals.

What challenges did you first face?

Founder and CEO Mark D. Boyce saw that only a very small percentage of the data generated during a patient interaction was utilised to enhance the provision of healthcare and the documentation of that treatment. He came to see that utilising technology to collect, process, and analyse that data would be advantageous for both patients and providers.

As technology was not fixing the issues raised by the physicians, the company initially looked at new ways to complete clinical documentation, focusing on Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and patient contacts.

What was the pivotal event that caused the business to grow?

Thanks to the growing use of mobile phones and other devices, the company was able to connect its cutting-edge technology to the providers, giving them a “platform in their hands” that would improve their profitability, effectiveness, and patient care. ScribeMobile gives providers convenient, anytime access to documentation.

How have the company’s graphs altered since its inception? Could you give us any data?

Scribe Technology Solutions has never had any customers, staff members, or software. Over the years that followed, we handled 50 million patient contacts. This is the result of providing assistance to more than 40,000 individuals over this time and building a network of medical professionals.

University hospital systems, lone independent practitioners, and a range of specializations, such as primary care, orthopedic surgery, and mental health, are some of our clientele in the United States.

What factors contribute to your company’s ongoing success?

Scribe Technology Solutions’ success is built on a foundation of:

Customization: Scribe Technology Solutions creates a solution uniquely for each practise. Our staff works closely with each new client to comprehend that practice’s workflow, goals, and processes in order to develop the optimal user experience for our solutions.

Staff with Experience: The team at Scribe Technology Solutions is made up of experts in the field of healthcare technology. The team is dispersed around the nation and works remotely, therefore the ideal applicant for a position might dwell anywhere in the nation.

Flexibility and Usability: Once they have been configured for each practice, our solutions are both versatile and easy to use. The suppliers don’t need to be changed.

Products and Services

What products and services is the company putting first? What distinguishes your services from those provided by rivals?

Scribe Technology Solutions provides a complete family of patient encounter workflow solutions for capturing, organizing, completing, and disseminating clinical documentation.

Each organization’s unique needs can be met by combining these solutions in any way. The organization collaborates with each practice to comprehend the workflow and goals of the providers in order to build the practices that perform best. One of its principal options is

ScribeTeleCare is a telehealth service created by and for medical practitioners. A virtual duplication of the operational procedures at a provider’s physical office is possible because to the adaptive architecture. This utility’s documentation section is not required. Additionally, doctors may improve patient care while facilitating compensation by utilizing a single tool.

Healthcare personnel may spend less time tethered to their computers and keyboards and more time attending to their patients with the aid of the Android and iOS app ScribeMobile. In addition to reviewing, approving, and accessing patient schedules and documents from any location and at any time, the technology enables healthcare practitioners to quickly and effectively record patient contacts.

With LiveScribe, healthcare practitioners can choose to have a remote scribe listen to and record the patient encounter in real-time, freeing them up to devote more attention to the patient and complete their electronic medical records (EMR) more quickly and precisely.

Additionally, by integrating LiveScribe with ScribeMobile, providers can further increase the capability of their devices by connecting to a distant (virtual) scribe in real-time to complete interactions.

How do you decide whether to broaden the range of products and services your business offers?

Scribe Technology Solutions monitors the development of market trends and technological advancements and makes adjustments as needed.

Exist any brand-new products or services on the list? Do you have a story to tell that is exciting?

Our most recent acquisition, Scribe TeleCare, was ready to launch in the spring of 2020. We are grateful for the opportunity to offer our providers the service they needed at that precise moment because we were unaware that the introduction would occur concurrently with the outbreak of a pandemic.

What duties do you consider an entrepreneur to have?

I believe that business owners should have a distinct goal, put together a terrific team, and never say “not yet” after receiving a definitive yes.

Please give us a quick rundown of your work history.

When I started Scribe Technology Solutions, I had more than three decades of executive experience in technology, marketing, operations, finance, and operations. I’ve held positions with companies like IBM, where I helped to establish the company’s PC division. I was instrumental in creating the strategy that later propelled Anixter’s growth from a $500 million company to a $1.5 billion enterprise.

What have been the highlights of your entrepreneurial journey?

Creating a successful company to compete in this market and entering the healthcare sector both present significant challenges. In order to understand how Scribe Technology Solutions assisted our suppliers, that is the precise reason Scribe Technology Solutions was founded.

How do you look after your employees? What sets your team apart?

The staff at Scribe Technology Solutions is unique in that it consists of people Boyce has previously worked with as well as employees from companies the company has merged with or purchased. Each employee has a flexible work schedule and performs organization-related tasks from home.

The impossible can be fun to do.

Disney, Mickey

Do you want to share a special client experience with us?

The behavioral health sector is a good fit for Scribe Technology Solutions’ clients. Due to their bigger caseloads and frequent travel between locations, which takes time away from documenting their patient contacts, this specialty often earns less than others. The anytime, everywhere app ScribeMobile was started by these mental health professionals. Since the encounter stories are frequently much longer than with other specialties, they can now carry out this duty while travelling. The COVID-19 epidemic severely limited face-to-face interactions, so ScribeTeleCare has been a useful tool for behavioral health providers.

Which book would you say is your favorite? What do you think is the best part of the book?

Richard Bach’s “Illusions” is still one of my all-time favorite books, and one of my favorite quotes from it is: “You are never granted a wish without the power to make it come true; you may, however, have to work for it.”

Which one individual most inspires you?

Among the people I most admire are my father and Walt Disney, whose business story I find to be the most motivating.

Continuous vigilance: A requirement or a strategy? Please share your thoughts.

In a field like healthcare where change is relentless, it’s critical to keep up with trends, innovations, and possibilities. Our method is based on artificial intelligence, a topic that is still in development and requires constant development. The environment in which our solutions are used must constantly be considered.

There is an ongoing rat race. What are you doing about that?

I always make sure to partake in things that reduce stress, such as jogging, meditation, hanging out with friends, and his appreciation of excellent cuisine.

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